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About Us

CCDC Armaments CenterThe U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Armaments Center is an internationally acknowledged hub for the advancement of armament technologies and engineering innovation. As one of the specialized research, development and engineering centers within the U.S. Army Futures Command, the CCDC Armaments Center has the responsibility for meeting this critical demand. The CCDC Armaments Center's workforce provides life-cycle support for nearly 90 percent of the lethal Army systems used by U.S. Warfighters.

The CCDC Armaments Center strives to support the Army's efforts to ensure Soldier survivability and enhance platform and area protection by providing engineering, design and development support. This support is essential to the rapid delivery of critical technologies to U.S. Warfighters.

Although the CCDC Armaments Center's principal mission is to mature technologies for armament applications, it also looks for ways to transfer beneficial technologies to public use. The CCDC Armaments Center has transferred technologies to the law enforcement community such as non-lethal, aversive technologies for crowd control and a forcible entry device for breeching doors. Its military warheads expertise is helping the oil and gas industry develop more effective oil drilling technology. Our manufacturing technology program is transferring a variety of technologies to U.S. industry such as model-based control and environmentally safer manufacturing methods.


John F. Hedderich III

Mr. John F. Hedderich III, Director

Colonel Kelly Laughlin, Military Deputy Director

Colonel Kelly Laughlin,
Military Deputy Director

Ms. Andrea Pastuck, Chief of Staff

Ms. Andrea Pastuck,
Chief of Staff

Mr. James Frederick, Chief of Staff

Mr. James Frederick,
Senior Program Executive


CCDC Armaments Center, centered at Picatinny Arsenal, is a critical national asset that is vital to National Security and is unfettered in its ability to deliver products and provide world class facilities and services


Lead research, development and engineering of systems solutions to arm those who defend the nation against all current and future threats, both at home and abroad