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Our Facilities

DEVCOM Armaments Center has many facilities and some, primarily because of their unique geographical location and the environment in which they operate, are the only facilities of their kind - they would not exist in any other location. With more than 450 buildings and laboratories, DEVCOM Armaments Center the largest tenant at Picatinny Arsenal, NJ occupies approximately 4800 (75%) of the 6500 acre installation. DEVCOM Armaments Center's workforce provides Product Life Cycle support for 90% of the Army's lethality and is a significant provider of lethality to the other Armed Services. The DEVCOM Armaments Center workforce (more than 3600 employees at all five sites with the majority of people located at Picatinny), and our network of suppliers and partners has no single counterpart in the world.

2nd Lt John T Wroblewski Pyrotechnics Research And Technology Complex PICA
Additive Manufacturing Facility Benét
Additive Manufacturing Facility PICA
Adhesives And Sealants Lab PICA
Advanced Composites Benét
AirGun And Interior Ballistic Simulation Test Lab PICA
Ammunition Stockpile Reliability Program Lab PICA
Arena And Pit Fragmentation Facilities PICA
Armament Cyber Engineering Lab PICA
Armament Integration Facility PICA
Armament Software Engineering Center PICA
Armament Technology Facility PICA
Artillery Integration Facility PICA
Autoloader Lab PICA
Automated Test Equipment Lab PICA
Autonomous Guidance And Navigation Software Engineering Facility PICA
Ballistic Evaluation Center PICA
Battery Materials Characterization And Processing Lab PICA
Breech Fatigue Simulation Benét
CBRNE Systems Software Engineering Facility PICA
Chemistry Lab Benét
Combat Vehicle Diagnostic / Prognostic / Health Management Lab PICA
Combat Vehicle Integration Laboratory Lab Benét
Command Post Computing Environment System Integration Lab PICA
Configuration Management Repository PICA
Consumable Structural Materials PICA
Corrosion Lab Benét
Corrosion Testing Facility PICA
Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems PICA
Data Acquisition Field Test Support PICA
Davidson Advance Warhead Development Facility PICA
Directed Energy Lab PICA
Direct Fire Systems Software Engineering Lab PICA
Dynamic Windstream And Pyrotechnic Test Facility PICA
Electrochemical Machining Lab Benét
Electromagnetic Environmental Effects Lab PICA
Electromagnetic Sensor Test Facility PICA
Electronics Design Development Benét
Electronics, Electro-Mechanical And Prototype Fabrication Facility PICA
Energetics And Warheads Prototyping Center PICA
Energetics Conditioning Facility PICA
Environmental Test Lab PICA
Experimental Mechanics Lab Benét
Explosive Development Facility PICA
Explosive Ordnance Disposal Facility PICA
Explosive Pilot Process Form Load Demil And Muni Proto Ctr PICA
Fire Control Fabrication Assembly System Vehicle Integration Facility PICA
Fire Control Integration Lab PICA
Flexible Nitration And Crystallization Pilot Plant PICA
FOX CPG Software Integration Lab PICA
Frankford Lab PICA
Fuze Division Laboratories PICA
Fuze Technology Prototype Advancement Center PICA
Gaming Innovation Lab PICA
GITM Graphics Production Studio Facility PICA
Homeland Defense Homeland Security Facility PICA
Immersive Engineering Lab PICA
John P Amerspek Propellant Development Complex PICA
Joint Ammunition Logistics Innovation Facility PICA
Joint Precision Air Drop System Software Engineering Lab PICA
Laser Optics Lab Benét
Lubricants And Coating Lab PICA
Manufacturing Prototype Center Benét
Manufacturing Prototyping Technology PICA
Materials Engineering Lab Benét
M153 CROWS Software Integration Lab PICA
Materials Analysis Test Lab PICA
Mortar Fire Control Systems Integration Lab PICA
Mounted Mortar And Automation Lab PICA
Nanotechnology Center PICA
Networked Munitions Software Engineering Facility PICA
New Equipment Training And Media Production Branch PICA
Nondestructive Testing Research And Engineering Lab PICA
Optical Characterization Lab PICA
Optical Fire Control Lab PICA
Optical Surface Quality Standards Lab PICA
Optics Lab PICA
Organic Materials Prototyping And Testing Lab PICA
Organizational Support Environment PICA
Packaging Division Prototype And Testing Lab PICA
Paladin Software Support Lab PICA
Picatinny Effectiveness And New Countermeasure Eval Lab PICA
Potting And Encapsulation Facility PICA
Precision Armaments And Intelligent Sensors HIL PICA
Precision Armaments Lab PICA
Precision Targeting & Integration Branch Development Lab PICA
Precision Targeting & Integration Branch Integration And Evaluation Lab PICA
Precision Targeting & Integration Systems Integration Lab PICA
Product Development Lab Benét
Propellant Surveillance And Energetics Analysis Branch PICA
Quality Evaluation Lab PICA
R&D Scale Explosives Mixing Lab PICA
Radiographic Laboratory PICA
Radiography Lab PICA
Raman Spectroscopy Lab PICA
Remote Weapon Station Software Engineering Facility PICA
Reverse Engineering Lab Benét
Sensor Calibration Lab PICA
Small Arms Fire Control Systems Integration Lab PICA
Small Arms Simulator PICA
SoftCATch Gun Facility PICA
Soldering Technology And High Voltage Lab PICA
Soldering Technology Laboratory PICA
Spider Software Engineering Support Lab PICA
Stress Analysis Lab Benét
Stryker SPG Software Integration Lab PICA
Tactical Behavior Research Laboratory PICA
Tactical Firing Tables Distribution Center APG
Telemetry Ground Station Electronics Lab PICA
Testbed Emergency Operations Center PICA
Test Program Set Laboratory Engineering Center PICA
Towed Artillery Digitization PICA
Tube Fatigue Simulation Benét
Twin Screw Extruder Facility PICA
UAS Threat Characterization Lab PICA
Vehicle Integration Lab Benét
Virtual Immersive Capture Technology Research Innovation (VICTRI) Lab PICA
Virtual Test And Training Environment Lab PICA
Weapons Technical Support Lab PICA
Wind Tunnel Facility PICA