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Financial Management Office


The Financial Management Office (FMO) serves as the corporate resource manager for the CCDC Armaments Center and other customers. The FMO provides the financial and resource management analysis necessary for planning and execution of long-range strategic, business and project plans through FM analysts embedded in the other AC Competency Centers, staff organizations and co-located Picatinny customers.


  • Provide life cycle planning, programming, budgeting and execution support (PPBES) for all appropriations.
  • Provide direct staff support to the Command Group and Technical Director.
  • Provide independent cost analysis of conceptual or existing commodities, materiel and non-materiel issues and long-range studies.
  • Provide managerial finance and accounting services for CCDC AC and the Picatinny community to include acting as the General Operating Agency for tenants, as required.
  • Manage financial system (GFEBS) and financial reporting suite (FIRE).
  • Customer Order Control Point (COCP) for all reimbursable documents from external customers and for all Direct Cite contract funding received from the off-site customers.


The FM vision is for our people to grow
into a business focused and process driven organization integrated directly with its customers. With an overall aim to be the honest broker achieving financial excellence, we provide government financial services to CCDC Armaments Center and all customers for a variety of programs to include weapons, ammunition
and lethality.


The FM mission is to enable our customers to focus on warfighter needs by providing quality financial management. We achieve this by acting as the executive agent entrusted with fiscal responsibility in planning, programming, budgeting, and executing, for both CCDC Armaments Center and other Picatinny site customers.