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QE&SA Organizational Chart
Quality Engineering & System Assurance (QE&SA) Directorate

The Quality Engineering and System Assurance (QE&SA) directorate brings over 50 years of experience executing and managing an integrated life-cycle quality and system assurance program required for the research, development, production, field support and demilitarization of ammunition, weapons, fire control and associated items. QE&SA, through its participation on all Integrated Product Teams, provides its project officers, designated project/product managers and other customers with essential technical competencies that assure systems and components are safe, reliable and perform as intended.

The QE&SA organization is structured around functional areas with the goal of developing and maintaining a world-class workforce with a controlled, repeatable process for achieving enterprise excellence. QE&SA is aligned within the CCDC Armaments Center-ESIC structure through five divisions and one office: Munitions, Weapons, Fire Control & Software, Product Quality Management, Sciences, Evaluation Laboratory, and the CCDC Armaments Center/JPEO A&A Lean Six Sigma Office. These divisions and office, in conjunction with QE&SA headquarters, administer day-to-day oversight and execution of the Directorate's mission and personnel, and are responsible for delivering products and services to customers. QE&SA's integration office provides customers with a single point of entry and an ombudsman that assures comprehensive, coordinated solutions to their quality, reliability and safety needs. Collectively these principals form the QE&SA Quality Steering Group (QSG), providing the strategic direction for the organization.

While its five division and one office chief manage QE&SA resources, behind the scenes there is a collection of core competencies managed by deans that provide the technical foundation for organizational excellence. QE&SA core competencies are:

  • Quality Engineering
  • Reliability Engineering
  • System Safety Engineering
  • Product Quality Management
  • Software Quality, Reliability and Safety Engineering
  • Product Verification
  • Radiation Protection

QE&SA operations are deeply rooted in the use of Lean Six Sigma (LSS) and Design for Lean Six Sigma (DFLSS) methodologies for product and process improvement. To ensure consistent, repeatable performance to its customers, the Directorate is establishing processes and controls consistent with internationally-recognized management models such as ISO 9001, Visual Workplace, and daily Continuous Process Improvement (CPI). Additionally, QE&SA has partnered with WSEC in the CCDC Armaments Center Software Engineering Center (ASEC) to achieve and maintain Capability Maturity Model – Integration (CMMI) Level 5 certification.

QE&SA continues to explore opportunities to innovate and leverage best practices to enhance its competency portfolio and the quality of goods and services it provides to its government and industry customers.

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