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Army Fuze Management Office

Army Fuze Management Office


The Army Fuze Management Office (AFMO) is responsible for centralized across-the-board oversight and selected management of the Army fuze and safety and arming (S&A) devices developed and fielded by the US Army for all non-nuclear munitions. Oversight responsibility extends through the life cycle of those munition fuze programs and includes maintaining cognizance and participating in decisions during R&D, Production, Sustainment, De-Militarization, Pre-Planned Product Improvements (P3I), and Materiel Change (MC) programs.

The services and products AFMO provide directly support the Army Program Executive Offices (PEOs) and Product Managers (PMs), project officers, fuzing related science and technology efforts, and the Army’s munitions safety program.

The AFMO chairs and manages the Army Fuze Safety Review Board (AFSRB), which provides safety approval of all non-nuclear fuzes developed, acquired, and used by the Department of the Army. The AFSRB advocates joint service munition applications by hosting the Joint Services Fuze and Ignition System Safety Authorities (JS-FISSA) reviews, which issue safety approvals/concurrence of joint service munition ignition and fuze safety systems.

The AFMO is the primary point of contact within the Army for tri-service fuzing standardization issues, policies and related issues. The AFMO chairs as well as serves as the Army representative to national and international munition fuze committees such as NATO AC 326 SG/A and the DoD Fuze Engineering Standardization Working Group (FESWG). The AFMO provides assistance to, and chair as required, special study groups, special task forces, joint working groups, the DOD Fuze IPT, the Joint Fuze Technology Program, and acquisition teams on programs embodying fuzes.

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