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Business Interface Office

Business Interface Office


The Business Interface Office (BIO) serves as an entry point for CCDC Armaments Center’s Academic and Industry partners, as well as our Customers. It provides a consistent interface on current and future business ensuring AC responds to Customer's actions, inquiries, or needs in a coordinated, timely and effective manner.

In concert with Competency Directors, Competency Managers and their personnel, the BIO is responsible for the management and coordination of all corporate proposals submitted by AC to Customers, and leads all strategic proposal efforts and associated work conducted in support of proposals until a funded program is initiated. The BIO coordinates a single message to our Customers for all Business Development activities. The BIO works as a team with other AC organizations to communicate AC's capabilities and gain Customer advocacy of AC's products, services and facilities. It manages both the international and domestic Technology Transfer Processes, providing vehicles for AC engineers to leverage technology and resources from others, as well as make AC's unique expertise and capabilities available to others. The BIO also is responsible for AC and Congressional investments in new business areas and proposal efforts in accordance with AC's Business Plan and Customer requirements; the promotion and expansion of the AC corporate brand and image; Independent Research and Development (IR&D); the AC Technical Industrial Liaison Office (TILO); and the Strategic Communications mission.

The BIO brings increased emphasis to and focuses on Customer requirements, satisfaction and relationships. It ensures AC viability as well as rapid transition of technology and services to the Customer and the benefit of centralized corporate marketing and business development processes.