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Business Services Office

Business Services Office


Provide direct business support to Enterprise and Systems Integration Center. Provide administrative support to headquarters and divisions and co-located on site support, as required.

Coordinates and execute administrative data management and procurement support/liaison functions. Data management documentation process includes Tables of Distribution and Allowance, position descriptions and other personnel management data.

Perform Human Resources, Operational review and analysis functions

Establish and maintain ESIC DCPDS automated data base reflecting administrative and management data which provides decision support in manpower, education, training, support programs, and other directed management programs. Complete personnel transactions using DCPDS System Software.

Implement command policy and procedures for the center in administrative support areas to include timekeeping, personnel transactions, training, evaluation, awards. Provide detailed support of training management function to include scheduling, payment, course evaluation and planning. Coordinate the efforts of all Administrative support assigned to ESIC to ensure continuity of command policies and procedure.


All management support and administrative support functions executed timely and efficiently. Provide sound and highly effective guidance to all levels of the organization to complete complex actions. Sustain the ability of the administrative support effort to remain highly supportive of organizational needs and mission accomplishment


Provide administrative and operational support to ESIC. Complete personnel transactions, management, logistics, facility support and other mission support activities. Coordinate actions of assigned administrative personnel.