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Knowledge Management Office

Knowledge Management Office


Develop Information Technology metrics that support the CCDC Armaments Center goals and objectives.

Chair the AC and assigned customer and higher headquarters information users groups established to plan for and implement technology solutions.

Disseminate a centralized strategy for meeting the needs of all information technology customers.

Evaluate new concepts and strategic technologies. Take the lead in working with all the ACs to assess and select technologies that provide the best opportunity for a competitive edge and support the business.

Monitor information technologies whose implementations stretch beyond a five-year horizon, while maintaining a well-grounded background in all facets of AC's diversified lines of business.

Promulgate ADP guidance and policy developed by local or higher authority.

Optimize communication with higher headquarters and prepare and/or coordinate the preparation of reports submitted to external organizations.

Coordinate all external audits, reviews, and inspections; maintain staff surveillance during audit process; coordinate the development of replies to audit reports.


Providing secure connection to information on demand - any type of information, across multiple applications & business processes

Consolidation & integration of information to provide a single view of data & higher value information for insights, greater efficiency & improve our competitive advantage

Integration of partner-enabled solutions & diverse sources of information to provide acceleration of the deployment of end-to-end business processes to improve operational efficiency


Serves as the Command representative in the CCDC Armaments Center and higher headquarters for development of the overarching strategy for Information Technology and coordination of matters relating to the Center Information Officer

Develops an Integrated Data Environment (IDE) by facilitating processes among CCDC AC support/technical mission organizations as well as CCDC AC customer/supplier groups