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Logistics Research & Engineering Directorate

Logistics Research & Engineering Directorate


Serve as lead agent, for the Office of the Secretary of Defense, to coordinate research, development, test, and evaluation programs within the military services to improve the safe and secure distribution of arms, ammunition, and explosives (AA&E) to the Warfighter.

Serve as the United States of America Head of Delegation to the NATO Interservice Ammunition Working Group, enabling ammunition interchangeability for NATO coalition forces.

Serve as the Department of the Army lead to conduct ammunition malfunction investigations.

Analyze user needs and plan, manage, and implement technology solutions to improve the Army's ammunition logistics system in each of the following thrust areas: Battlefield Rearm, Munitions Packaging, Explosives Safety/Insensitive Munitions, Logistics C4, Combat Service Support, and Logistics Analysis.

Manage the development and demonstration of insensitive munitions (IM) technologies to improve the survivability of munitions against unplanned stimuli.

Provide maintenance engineering, integrated product support management, technical publications, provisioning, and new equipment training (NET) for the total life cycle of Army armaments (gun, ammunition, and fire control). Perform life cycle engineering for the packaging of Army armaments (gun, ammunition, and fire control).

Perform life-cycle engineering of Army and US Marine Corps maintenance equipment including common Sets, Kits, and Outfits and Tools.

Serve as the Ammunition Logistics Division Chief for the Product Director Joint Services


To provide our Warfighters with the world's best ammunition and weapons logistics technology and services and lead the DOD in logistics research & engineering.


To develop and rapidly deliver superior logistics technology, products, and services to the Warfighter for all Army armaments (gun, ammunition, fire control) and Army and US Marine Corps maintenance sets, kits, outfits, and tools.