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Office of the Director:

Office of the Inspector General (IG) provides assistance to Soldiers, Department of the Army civilians, Army Family members, retirees or anyone in the general population who has an issue with the Army. Conducts inspections that identify trends and contributing root causes and makes corrective recommendations where deficiencies are identified. The IG also conducts investigations or inquires into allegations of policy, regulation or law violations, as well as mismanagement, unethical behavior or misconduct.

Internal Review and Audit Compliance Office provides Combat Capabilities Development Command Armaments Center and Program Executive Office Ammunition a full range of professional internal review services to include: internal audit, consulting and advisory, liaison with external audit agencies and follow-up on both internal and external audit reports.

Legal Office provides Armaments Center and all Picatinny-based tenant elements legal advice and services. Its Business Law Division supports Army Contracting Command-New Jersey regarding administration and execution of acquisition programs at Picatinny and the use of appropriated and non-appropriated funds. Its General Law Division handles all matters pertaining to general law and adversary proceedings involving environmental law, administrative law, court litigation, military and civilian personnel, taxation, claims by or against the government and conflicts of interest. The Intellectual Property (IP) Division aggressively supports Armaments Center's technology transfer mission and provides advice on all matters involving inventions, patents, trademarks and copyrights including data and related legal activities involving licensing and claims for IP rights.

Risk Management Office develops, manages and executes Armaments Center's safety and environmental programs and policies and serves as the Armaments Center director's principal advisor in these areas.

Chief of Staff serves as the principle advisor and assistant to the Armaments Center director and handles day-to-day operations. The following offices report to the Armaments Center chief of staff:

Public Affairs Office (PAO) advises Picatinny's senior military and civilian leaders and their organizations on all communications matters. Public Affairs is the initial contact point for media, community and public engagements. Contact the PAO. Creates and plans communications initiatives, executes communications strategies, facilitates media engagements, conducts media training and engages the public. Provides information about activities at Picatinny Arsenal and coordinates all public policy issues. PAO also provides editorial content for the Picatinny Voice.

Office of Administrative Operations is responsible for the execution of day-to-day headquarters operations, in addition to the following actions: assists command staff in executing enterprise-wide projects and studies; keeps the director up-to-date on current issues affecting command operations; organizes and manages command protocol arrangements for all official events; monitors and coordinates all congressional matters of interest concerning Picatinny and coordinates and maintains the command calendar.

Human Capital Management Office oversees, leads, develops and executes an effective strategic talent management program integrated and aligned with the Armaments Center vision, mission, objectives and capabilities. This is accomplished through oversight and involvement in leading Armaments Center training, education and professional development programs, workforce satisfaction initiatives, performance management, support of Armaments Center outreach programs, recruitment and retention programs.

Strategic Management & Process Office (SMPO) serves as the focal point for Armaments Center's strategic planning, process management & organizational performance excellence initiatives. SMPO is chartered to conduct various high visibility management studies and data calls in support of the Armaments Center director and senior leaders leading to improved mission operations. SMPO also serves as Armaments Center's lead competency for process management & improvement leadership and provides oversight for the development of value engineering & reducing total ownership cost programs at Picatinny Arsenal in close coordination with program executive offices. Finally, SMPO serves as the principal touch point with Army Research Development and Engineering Command Headquarters to coordinate Armaments Center support for the Army Field Assistance in Science & Tech program.

Intelligence and Technology Protection Office provides intelligence support to the Armaments Center. Provides advice and guidance on intelligence and intelligence-related issues to the director. Implements all intelligence-related security programs, including intelligence support to security awareness and education training, security policy, personnel security, information security, industrial security, foreign disclosure, information sharing, foreign visitor control, intelligence oversight, and sensitive compartmented information security.

Portfolio Management & Operations Center plans, manages, analyzes and administers a corporate portfolio management program spanning the Armaments Center. Champions the optimization and oversees the alignment and balance of all Armaments Center assets (people, dollars, facilities, and technologies/capabilities) against strategic and operational business imperatives considering both internal and external constraints.

The Armaments Center Operations Center establishes policies and plans, analyzes, manages, and executes overall staff coordination for a variety of Armaments Center-wide actions and initiatives, including managing deployed personnel and equipment, coordinating mobilization, war emergency and contingency planning. Provides crisis management support, assures leadership awareness and prepares for readiness inspections and a variety of potential crisis drills.

Fusion Cell Fusing global threat intelligence and operational information with Armaments Center capabilities to create an adept culture of proactive posture, rapid response, and unparalleled support to the Warfighter and Nation.

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