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Armament Software Engineering Center

CCDC Armament Center’s Armament Software Engineering Center (Armament SEC) is an Army Materiel Command Chartered Life Cycle Software Engineering Center. The Armament SEC provides the US Soldier, Army, DoD, and other customers a Center of Excellence for Software Engineering and Software Acquisition support services for weapon systems, training devices, and combat support systems throughout the entire system life cycle. The Armament SEC is housed in a 78,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility at Picatinny Arsenal, New Jersey.

The Armament SEC applies a rigorous systems engineering approach to software development to include requirements definition/analysis, architectural design, systems software design and analysis, software engineering and integration, software verification testing, Cyber Security accreditation, software fielding, software acquisition support, configuration management, and process assurance towards weapons and munitions, chemical/biological detectors, training devices, precision airdrop navigation and support systems, biometric identification, mobile devices, autonomous vehicles, and tactical network platform integration. When systems are no longer in production, the Armament SEC conducts Post Production Software Support (PPSS) services to maintain the software and software baselines for Army fielded systems. Additional software development and software acquisition support programs of the Armament SEC include: Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station (CROWS); Spider and Spider 1A Networked Munitions; NBC Sensor Processing Group (CSPG); Joint Effects Model (JEM); Joint Warning and Reporting Network (JWARN); Gator Landmine Replacement (GLMR) part of Family of Scatterable Minefield (FASCAM); Joint Precision Airdrop System (JPADS); Parachutist Navigation System (PARANAV); Autonomous Guidance, Navigation and Control (GN&C) Vehicles; M1A1 Abrams; M982 Excalibur; Defense Laboratory Enterprise eSmartbook Mobile Application and Data Management Tool (DLES DMT); M109A6 Paladin; Mortar Fire Control Systems.

The Armament SEC was the first organization to achieve a Capability Maturity Model Integration® (CMMI® - a set of engineering best practices maintained by the CMMI Institute) Maturity Level 3 for systems engineering, software engineering, and acquisition disciplines in February 2002. In June 2006 the Armament SEC became the first DoD organization to receive a CMMI® Maturity Level 5 rating in systems engineering, software engineering, and supplier sourcing. Following a reassessment, in May 2010 the Armament Software Engineering Center became the first U.S. Government organization to achieve Maturity Level 5 in CMMI® V1.2 for Development. In May 2013, the Armament SEC became the first U.S. Army organization to reappraise at Maturity Level 5 in CMMI® V1.3 for Development. The Armament SEC was reappraised in May 2016 at Maturity Level 5 in CMMI® V1.3 for Development marking a decade of excellence in software engineering. Adhering to CMMI® best practices has enabled the Armament SEC to consistently develop and deliver quality products within cost and schedule estimates. The consistent delivery of quality products has in turn increased customer satisfaction and made our organization a first choice provider for software development. Through the continued optimization of its quality processes, the Armament SEC sustains lean and cost efficient processes that ensure it maintains the highest level of responsiveness to customer needs.

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Core Technical Competencies

  • Armament Cyber Engineering & Performance Division
  • Armament Cyber Engineering Services
  • Armament Cyber Engineering Training
  • Armament Cybersecurity/Information Assurance (IA)/Cybersecurity Assessment and Certification
  • Artificial Intelligence Software
  • Battlefield Systems & Software Engineering Division
  • Biometric Software
  • Business Intelligence Analysis & Reporting
  • CBRNE Defense and Warning Systems Software
  • Combat Support System Software
  • Database Development/Administration
  • Direct Fire Systems Software
  • Disruptive Engineering and Business E-Systems Division
  • Disruptive engineering for IC / ICS
  • Disruptive Software Data Analysis
  • Disruptive Software Solutions
  • Embedded Software/Control Unit
  • ERP Configuration Management implementation
  • ERP Customization Solutions
  • ERP Knowledge Transfer implementation
  • Forensic Software
  • Functional ERP life cycle implementation
  • Guidance, Navigation and Control (GN&C) Systems
  • Hardware Design & Integration (ICS)
  • Image Processing Software
  • Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Operations
  • Information Architectures
  • Live Virtual Constructive
  • Manage Armament Cyber Engineering Organizational Standard Processes (OSP)
  • Military Web Application Development/Administration
  • Mobile Handheld Applications
  • Modern Software Coding/Programming
  • Munitions Control System Software Division
  • Networked Munitions Software
  • Obsolescence Mitigation
  • Precision Aerial Delivery Systems Software
  • Real Time Embedded Software
  • Remote Weapon Control Unit Software
  • Robotic and Autonomous Systems Software
  • Safety Critical Software Engineering
  • Security Control Assessor - Validator (SCA-V) Lead/Team
  • Smart Munitions Software
  • Software Acquisition Planning & Execution
  • Software Architecture
  • Software Configuration Management
  • Software Design & Integration
  • Software Design
  • Software Engineering Analysis & Benchmarking
  • Software Engineering Test
  • Software Engineering Verification & Validation Test
  • Software Engineering
  • Software Performance Analysis
  • Software Process Engineering & Management
  • Software Program Management
  • Software Requirements Development & Analysis
  • Software/Hardware Assurance (SwA and HwA)
  • System/Software Interoperability Analysis
  • System/Software Technical Performance/Trade Analysis
  • Systems Architecture Development (ERP)
  • Virtual Training Software
  • Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality Software
  • Weapon System & Embedded Trainers
  • Weapon System Safety Critical Software Engineering
  • Weapons and Mission Specific Server Administration


  • Autonomous Guidance and Navigation Software Engineering Facility
    • Biometrics Software Engineering Laboratory
    • Joint Precision Air Drop System (JPADS) Software Engineering Laboratory
  • CBRNE Systems Software Engineering Facility
    • CBRNE Systems Software Engineering Laboratory
  • Configuration Management and Library Systems Facility
    • Configuration Management Repository
  • Remote Weapon Systems Software Engineering Facility
    • CROWS Software Integration Laboratory
  • Direct Fire Systems and Mobile Handheld Software Engineering Facility
    • Direct Fire Systems Software Engineering Laboratory
    • Mobile Handheld Software Engineering Laboratory
  • Software Intensive Systems Integration and Obsolescence Mitigation Facility
    • Stryker CPG Software Integration Laboratory
    • Software Intensive Systems Integration and Obsolescence Mitigation Laboratory
  • Laser Additive Manufacturing Facility
    • Laser Additive Manufacturing Facility
  • Networked Munitions Software Engineering Facility
    • Spider Software Engineering Support Laboratory
  • Armament Cybersecurity Engineering Laboratory
    • Armanent Cybersecurity Engineering Laboratories
    • Armament Software Architecture and Integration Laboratory

WSEC Vision

The Nation's experts envisioning and delivering unparalleled future lethality systems for the battlefield of tomorrow.

WSEC Mission

Research, develop and engineer technologies for software and weapon systems that provide overmatch capabilities to those who defend our nation now and in the future.

WSEC Strategic Intent

WSEC is the preferred provider of innovative, safe, and reliable weapon system solutions that deliver warfighters overmatch to current and future threats. Our excellence in integrated weapon systems and software engineering, using mature and efficient processes and procedures, spans the full lifecycle activities. WSEC consistently delivers timely products and solutions to customers within the Army, other Services, government agencies, and industry. WSEC forges strong alliances with strategic partners to enhance mission execution and reduce development cycle times, to position our Soldiers ahead of the emerging threats to our Nation.