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Networked Lethality and System Readiness Technologies

Recognized as DoD’s foremost provider of network lethality tactical fire control solutions, emergency management, force protection, interactive technologies and training for armament systems to equip, modernize and sustain the Joint Forces. Networked Lethality and System Readiness Technologies (NLSRT) is the Army’s lead for technical and programmatic life cycle engineering (research, development, sustainment and field support) efforts for network lethality tactical fire control systems for fires and effects based operations via distributed, common network architecture; threat awareness systems for installation emergency management and response; and interactive and multi-media technologies, virtual prototyping and training for armament systems. Assigned mission includes kinetic threat defeat (e.g., target threat acquisition, identification, classification, tracking and neutralization capabilities), integrated base defense, anti-terrorism/force protection systems, decision-support, sensor-to-shooter, sensor-to-decider, small unit manned/unmanned effects teaming, intelligent control and collaboration technologies, armaments virtual prototyping, operator and maintenance training systems.

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Core Technical Competencies

  • Network lethality / manned and unmanned effects teaming
  • Intelligent / autonomous systems
  • Soldier/Leader Effects applications
  • System-of-systems integration
  • GPS denied tracking
  • Weapon-target pairing
  • Fires planning, coordination, de-confliction and execution
  • Force protection integrated technologies
  • Key assets/area protection technologies
  • Counter UAS technologies
  • Force Protection & Anti-Terrorism Systems
  • Emergency Management Systems
  • Shared Situational Awareness Systems
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection Systems
  • Technology visualization software
  • Gaming and interactive systems for training
  • Gaming and interactive systems for R&D
  • Fixed, mobile and virtual technology testbeds


  • Testbed Emergency Operations Center (TEOC)
  • Gaming Innovation Lab
  • Graphics Production Studio
  • Multimedia Production Facility
  • Network Lethality Integration Laboratory
  • Intelligent Systems and Robotics Laboratory (ISRL)

WSEC Vision

The Nation's experts envisioning and delivering unparalleled future lethality systems for the battlefield of tomorrow.

WSEC Mission

Research, develop and engineer technologies for software and weapon systems that provide overmatch capabilities to those who defend our nation now and in the future.

WSEC Strategic Intent

WSEC is the preferred provider of innovative, safe, and reliable weapon system solutions that deliver warfighters overmatch to current and future threats. Our excellence in integrated weapon systems and software engineering, using mature and efficient processes and procedures, spans the full lifecycle activities. WSEC consistently delivers timely products and solutions to customers within the Army, other Services, government agencies, and industry. WSEC forges strong alliances with strategic partners to enhance mission execution and reduce development cycle times, to position our Soldiers ahead of the emerging threats to our Nation.