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Rock Island Engineer Named ARDEC Employee of the Quarter

Kyle Roeser
Kyle Roeser


Kyle Roeser, a general engineer at Rock Island Arsenal, has been named Employee of the Quarter for both the Army Materiel Command and the Armament Research Development and Engineering Center for the period that ended March 31.

Roeser volunteered to coordinate a new STEM Outreach program at Rock Island Arsenal and assembled a team of about nine members, leading his team on four initiatives to promote education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

The team initiatives included a virtual reality demonstration to a local scout troop, a panel discussion for the Bettendorf High School STEM club to discuss design and engineering, a
“cargo drop” craft at a local family museum, and a “Girls in Science” initiative with a Rock Island high school consisting of a panel of female engineers visiting the school to teach about
eco-friendly engineering.

The Scout Troop virtual reality demonstration provided young children with the opportunity to immerse themselves in a virtual environment to view a 3-D model created as a virtual prototype through use of a portable, head-mounted display.

The Bettendorf High School panel discussion provided students who are currently thinking about career options with an opportunity to engage in beneficial discussions about science and technology. Many questions were answered, and may have helped to direct some of the local youths into science and technology career fields.

The “cargo drop” craft proved to be a fun way to teach children about problem solving and science. Children were allowed to create a parachute system using provided materials and drop them from the second-story bakcony with hopes of hitting targets below. Results were dicussed and, in some cases, redesigns were made based on those discussions.

The “Girls in Science” event is planned for May 2018. Roeser has assembled a team of five female engineers who will travel to a Rock Island area high school and provide three separate lessons about renewable engergy sources.

In addition, the team plans to build a solar panel and small wind turbine wth the students, then lead them through a testing scenario of each design.

Roeser has worked at Rock Island Arsenal since 2014.


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